Czech diamond Czech drill cutting hole surface replica watches

As shown in Figure 1, the bottom of the auger's lower drill bit can be cut fake rolex more than 30, a very high refractive index, the height of the prism is deep, because its stiffness is strong, stable, to withstand, the drill In the replica rolex diamond. (The real auger of sesame will not be sold for less than $1.50)

Below gold

2, Czech Czech drill, cutting hole surface, usually more than ten points, so the refraction replica watches effect is good, can display brightness, its strength has become stronger, keep shining for three years, second only to drilling. (The real sesame sesame size will not be less than 0.7 yuan)

3, drilled in the Middle East, diamonds - khaki, diamond - is built in the Middle East replica breitling watches to meet the market, low-cost manufacturing of diamonds, because at first glance, the Czech difference drill is not very large when used, but also use fake watches it to keep The gloss is short and it is black.