Why Donate?


Where does your money go?

Holy Angels Parish was closed in July, 2018. Through a lot of hard work and decades of trying, in March 2019 Holy Angels Church and Cemetery were placed on the National Registry of Historic Places by the United States Department of Interior. Past members and friends of Angels forever do fundraising to help with expenses of maintianing both the Church and Cemetery. Fundraisers include the annual Pot-Of-Gold Raffle and grilling for several events in Roselle during the year. 

We appreciate any donations. Please earmark where you would prefer your donation to go, either church maintenance or towards cemetery maintenance. We respect the wishes of all donors as to where the money donated gets specifically utilized.

Money donated to Angels Forever, Inc. are generally tax deductible since we are a nonprofit corporation charged with maintenance and preservation purposes. Please advise your tax consultant for specific details.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!